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A place to chill and learn

The Open Buddhist University is a large library of free digital resources for those interested in Buddhism.

The courses, books, articles, talks, and more collected here are carefully curated to present a comprehensive, pan-sectarian introduction to Buddhist Studies and our shared, human world.

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Our mission is to provide:

  • University-Quality
  • Pan-Sectarian
  • Open-Access
  • Undergraduate-Level

resources in English for those interested in Buddhism.

We curate a selection of academic material leveraging what modern scholarship says about pre-sectarian Buddhism to present today’s Buddhist traditions in a sympathetic but historical light. Our collection is intended as a comprehensive curriculum for students and teachers of Buddhism, though researchers may find some of our references helpful as well!

For more details on how we source our content, see the Collection Policy Framework.


The Open Buddhist University can be found online at:

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OBU is strictly a digital library and therefore cannot and does not provide:

  • medical advice
  • academic degrees
  • professional certification
  • spiritual counseling
  • housing
  • etc

The library’s resources are provided as-is with no guarantees. The views expressed in each work are strictly the opinions of their respective author(s) and may or may not reflect the views of OBU or our contributors.


Feel free to reuse the content from this website in any ethical and legal way you like. If you reuse one of our courses, please give an attribution and link back to

The entire library can be downloaded as a Bibtex database here suitable for importing into your favorite academic reference manager.


OBU would love your help! See the Contribution Guide for how to get started, including how to run the site on your own machine.


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