The Open Buddhist University is run by Khemarato Bhikkhu, who ordained in Thailand in 2019. The site is based on his Curated Buddhist Library on Google Drive where he organizes his own studies of Early Buddhism. He hopes that you will find this website useful and welcomes any feedback or questions at the email below.

You can find a video introduction to the website on YouTube, and can connect with Khemarato Bhikkhu and other students of Early Buddhism over at the SuttaCentral: Discuss and Discover forum.

yaktocat 50% feline 🐱, 50% cephalopod 🐙, and 100% Fierce Dharma Protector 👹, our university mascot is the Yaktocat.

You can cite the website as:
Khemarato, 2021. “The Open Buddhist University”. November 27. doi:10.5281/zenodo.4448510

Our tests are mostly passing.

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