The Open Buddhist University is an unaccredited, digital resource run by Khemarato Bhikkhu since 2020. Its mission is to provide a free, English-language curriculum in Buddhist Studies from the perspective of “Early Buddhism.”1

The website is based on Khemarato Bhikkhu’s personal library on Google Drive which he shared publicly after his ordination in Thailand in 2019. He hopes that you’ll find these resources helpful and welcomes any feedback or questions at the email at the bottom of the page.

You can find a video introduction to this website on YouTube, and can connect with other students of Early Buddhism over at the SuttaCentral: Discuss and Discover forum.

Thanks to our contributors for your help building the site.

yaktocat 50% feline 🐱, 50% cephalopod 🐙, and 100% Fierce Dharma Protector 👹, our university mascot is the Yaktocat.

You can cite the website as:
Khemarato, 2023. “The Open Buddhist University”. June 1. doi:10.5281/zenodo.4448510

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  1. “Early Buddhism” is the pre-sectarian form of Buddhism being discovered and championed by such contemporary scholar/practitioners as Venerable Analayo. For the difference between Early Buddhism and Theravāda Buddhism, see Bhante Sujato’s checklist. For more information about OBU’s curatorial philosophy, please read our collection development policy