Marcia Bjornerud is a structural geologist whose research focuses on the physics of earthquakes and mountain building. She has done research in high arctic Norway (Svalbard) and Canada (Ellesmere Island), as well as mainland Norway, Italy, New Zealand, and the Lake Superior region.

Bjornerud is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and has been a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of Oslo, Norway and University of Otago, New Zealand. A contributing writer to The New Yorker, Wired, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times, she is also the author of several books for popular audiences.

~ Adapted from Lawrence University

Selected Works (in chronological order)

I yearned to convey to [Charles Darwin] how marvelously his simple idea has flowered and itself evolved, informing countless new fields of inquiry, and to share with him the scientific news that would have eased his troubled mind: Earth is old.