Ajahn Maha Bua (1913 – 2011) was a Thai Buddhist monk famous for being “outed” as an arahant and for his uncompromising teaching style.

He was a disciple of the esteemed forest master Ajahn Mun Bhuridatta (for whom he wrote the official biography) and was himself a master in the Thai Forest Tradition, fiercely defending its austere practices from corrupting influences during Thailand’s rapid, 20th-century industrialization. Following the death of Ajahn Thate in 1994, he was considered to be the Ajahn Yai (or head monk) of the Thai Forest Tradition until his death in 2011.

Luangta is survived by a great many disciples who went on to become masters in their own right, including Than Ajahn Suchart Abhijato and Ajahn Dick Silaratano.