Ajahn Brahm is a British-born Theravada Buddhist monk. He studied under Ajahn Chah in Thailand before starting his own monastery—Bodhinyana—in Serpentine, Western Australia.

He is the author of several commercially successful books about Buddhism and meditation and is an advisor to many Western Buddhist organizations and teachers, including Ajahn Brahmali and Bhante Sujato with whom he’s played an important role in the revival of the Theravada Bhikkhuni order.

Selected Works (in chronological order)

It’s interesting to walk through the graveyards of towns, and see that for the first few years after a person dies there may be a head stone, maybe someone remembers, but after twenty, thirty, or forty years, they could bulldoze the graves because the land is so valuable and plant somebody else in there. So even your head stone just crumbles to dust. All record of you living here is gone, because no one remembers who you were or what you did. Isn’t that beautiful? So why not do that right now? Bulldoze this idea of who you are

Where will stops, there is freedom.

A defense of abortion and IVF rights from the Buddhist perspective.

Ajahn Brahm gives a talk on how to achieve harmony in real life, where we all-too-often meet difficult people.

Ajahn Brahm discusses the Buddha’s qualities and tells some stories from his time as a monk in Thailand.

Ajahn Brahm tells us all the secrets of life: from how to find a partner to getting what you really want.

In meditation one lets go of the complex world outside in order to reach the serene world inside. In all types of mysticism and in many traditions, this is known as the path to the pure and powerful mind.