Bhikkhu Cintita was born in San Francisco, California in 1949 and had a career in linguistics and A.I. before ordaining as a Zen priest in 2003.

After meeting the Burmese abbot Ashin Ariyadhamma in 2009, Cintita stayed in Burma for 13 months, learning under Ashin Nyanissara who reordained him in the Theravada Tradition. He is currently living at the Sitagu Buddha Vihara in Austin, Texas.

~ From his online C.V.

Selected Works (in chronological order)

… it may be America’s destiny not to make Buddhism perfect but to make it banal

The Monastic Sangha is both training ground and dwelling place for the Noble Sangha, much like a university is both a training ground and a dwelling place for scholars.

You will experience many sensual pleasures in your life: food, music, sex and zombie movies. You should become aware as well of the great joy, a pleasure beyond the sensual, that comes with generosity. Become aware that this joy is greatest when your intentions are purest, when the recipients of your generosity are worthy and when the manner of giving is proper. This joy is the direct experience of the merit you have earned.