Selected Works

A classic biography of the Buddha collecting details scattered around the Pāli Canon to form a compelling narrative, The Life of the Buddha presents the historical record in quirky translation, relatively undiluted by the later hagiographies.

An important sutta on Right Speech, giving the Buddha’s famous injunction to “not insist on local language.”

The best translation in English of the most important collection of the Buddha’s discourses, with a lengthy introduction, sutta summaries, and helpful endnotes summarizing important commentarial points, this book is a must have for any student of Buddhism.

A Creative Commons licensed selection of suttas from Wisdom’s celebrated translation, representing about a third of the full book.

Translations by Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli Thera:

The essential meditation manual of the Theravada Tradition and the book that, legend has it, convinced the Sri Lankan elders to allow Acariya Buddhaghosa to write the (now quasi-canonical) Pāli Commentaries.