Selected Works (in chronological order)

There is no single “swiss-army knife” technique that works equally well at all times; instead, we must carefully examine our present conditions and determine what practice is most relevant.

Translations by Bhante Suddhāso:

Monks, whether Tathāgatas arise or not, this aspect of the world remains the same…

Monks, after consideration, that monk is to leave that wilderness grove; he is not to live there.

… when people put clean things, unclean things, excrement, urine, saliva, pus, or blood on the earth, the earth is not bothered, humiliated, or disgusted, in the same way, Rāhula, practice ‘peacefulness of earth’ meditation.

I did not delight in the contemplative Gotama’s speech; I condemned it, rose from my seat, and left!

We ask Gotama, the Eye that has arisen in the world:
Is one a brahmin by birth, or by action?
Explain to us what we do not understand –
how to know a brahmin.