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The [newborn] baby is bumped softly on the floor in order to acquaint it with the fact that harsh and startling events may occur in the world of the humans where it has now been received.

Chan did not originate in the Chinese appropriation of Indian Buddhist texts. Instead, its origins can be traced to the appropriation of Indian Buddhist practices

We are committed to living simply and sharing our time, energy, and material resources with those in need.

… in the canonical Buddhist texts […] kṣatriya-dharma (The Way of the Warrior) is openly condemned as anti-social, whereas generally in the orthodox Hindu view, kṣatriya-dharma is considered as the norm or legitimate duty of kings

How Buddhism emerged from China’s violent thrust into modernity.

An encyclopedic overview of the various kinds of samādhi and their place on the path.

A concise definition of sampajāna explaining how it prepares the ground for formal meditation.

By a misperception of emptiness
A person of little intelligence is destroyed.

Although this is a matter of preparing and serving meals, the tenzo is not just “the cook.”