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Cultivating the Mind

Module 12 of An Introduction to Buddhist Practice

In which we finally address the role of meditation!

Photo by Adityamadha, CC BY-SA 3.0


Chapter 10 from Buddhist Life, Buddhist Path – Bhikkhu Cintita (.pdf)

  • A short brief in a psychiatric journal summarizing the psychotherapeutic potential of Buddhist meditation.
  • A general introduction to meditation, these instructions are applicable to whatever meditation technique you do.
  • Essentially: note whenever your mind wanders, and then gently return your awareness back to the body, trying to maintain a continuity of awareness as much as possible.
  • An academic introduction to the purpose and styles of Buddhist meditation.
  • One of my favorite talks by my own teacher, Ajahn Suchart, which beautifully sums up the path, encouraging us all to strive for a real, lasting happiness.