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Module 7 of An Introduction to Buddhist Practice

Photo by Antai-ji Archives (Hyogo, Japan)


Chapter 6 from Buddhist Life, Buddhist Path – Bhikkhu Cintita (.pdf)

  • A small chart summarizing the four stages of enlightenment mentioned in this chapter.
  • These stages will come up again in more detail later.

Suttas from the Anguttara Nikaya on Spiritual Companionship

  • As we covered previously, spiritual friendship is the most important external path-factor.
  • In these suttas selected by Bhikkhu Bodhi, the Buddha gives us advice on how to find and cultivate spiritual friendship:
    1. AN 3.26: “And what kind of person is to be associated with, followed, and served?”
    2. AN 4.32: “These are the four means of sustaining a favorable relationship.”
    3. AN 6.51: “How does a mendicant get to hear a teaching they haven’t heard before?”
    4. AN 5.151: “Someone with these five qualities is able to enter the sure path”
    5. SN 45.49: “And how does a bhikkhu who has a good friend develop and cultivate the Noble Eightfold Path?”