The Pali Text Society was founded in 1881 by T. W. Rhys Davids “to foster and promote the study of Pāli texts.” It publishes Pāli texts in Roman characters, translations in the English language, and related reference materials—including dictionaries, a concordance, Pāli textbooks, and an academic journal.

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The letter sent to the royal court at Kandy on behalf of the king of Siam, and published [here], includes some information of considerable interest for the study of the history of Pali texts. For a shipment, which comprised no less than 97 books no longer extant on the island and therefore asked for in a second document accompanying this letter, is said to have been dispatched together with the letter.

The brahmins would indeed take umbrage at being closely associated with the officiant, because the very fact of his being there as an officiant means that he is doing a paid job and so lowers his status below theirs. [The brahmins, in contrast,] have no duties; they are gracing the occasion.

this similarity is neither accidental, nor caused by the Buddha’s inability to free himself from the mental paradigms of his culture. I would rather argue that he formulated Pratityasamutpada as a polemic against Vedic thought.

so many warriors perished on the battlefield. The response of the arahants is truly astounding.