A series of nearly three hundred lectures on the entire Majjhima Nikāya delivered by Bhikkhu Bodhi over a thirteen-year period at Bodhi Monastery.

The original, nine-part series covered a selection of suttas organized thematically, and so did not go in order. Parts 10 and 11 of this series do cover the remaining suttas, so if there are any suttas in the MN you’d like Bhikkhu Bodhi to explain, you’ll find them somewhere below!

You can find the entire series as mp3 files on Google Drive here.

Online, the first half of the lectures live at the Bodhi Monastery website here and here, including the introductory lecture, not listed below. The latter half of the series (“11” below) can be found on YouTube.

Before this series, Bhikkhu Bodhi frequently taught on the Majjhima Nikaya less formally. Many of those talks can be found over at DharmaSeed.

In the library: