A series of tests checking the integrity of the _content data

Test Name Status Notes
Count Pass ✅ With 1379 items in the library.
Excessive Authors Pass ✅ Found 0 works with more than 5 authors.
External URLs are Unique Pass ✅ No duplicate URLs found.
Course in tags Pass ✅ There are 0 pieces with the course in the tags.
course.date should match announcement Pass ✅ There were 0 weird dates of the 0/42 checked
Sane file_links Pass ✅ There are 88 sane links
file_links match formats Pass ✅ There are 88 sane formats.
Missing Authors Pass ✅ Of the 174 authors cited, 174 of them are in the database.
Dangling Authors Pass ✅ There are 0 authors with no works attributed to them.
Non-monograph content missing links Pass ✅ There are 0 missing links.
Content missing year Pass ✅ There are 0 missing years.
Content missing from its course Pass ✅ There are 0 found.