NOTE: Cleaning these up is a large project currently in progress.

Found 42 pairs of suttas with overlapping tags:

From To Sutta Tags in common
snp.1.04 sn.007.011 canonical-poetry
sa301 sn.012.015 emptiness, epistemology, vipassana
mn148 mn038 philosophy
mn041 mn042 lay
mn135 mn099 ethics
mn143 sn.002.020 characters
mn016 dn33 pali-canon
mn010 dn22 satipatthana
mn010 mn119 meditation
mn118 sn.054.013 anapanasati
mn119 dn22 sutta
mn119 ea12.1 meditation
mn119 mn010 meditation
an.008.063 sn.047.003 tranquility-and-insight, path
dn22 ea12.1 satipatthana
dn22 ma081 vipassana
dn22 mn010 satipatthana
dn22 mn119 sutta
sn.047.003 an.008.063 tranquility-and-insight, path
an.008.014 an.008.013 imagery
sn.035.088 mn145 thought
mn042 mn041 lay
ma025 an.005.162 ethics, problems, imagery
mn026 dn14 buddha
mn026 mn085 path, buddha
an.005.162 ma025 problems, ethics, imagery
an.005.041 an.004.061 lay
lal.26 pli-tv-kd01 buddha
sf238 sn.012.002 origination
sn.012.015 sa301 emptiness, epistemology, vipassana
sn.012.002 sf238 origination
mn099 mn135 ethics
sn.002.020 mn143 characters
an.004.122 mn067 monastic-advice, imagery
an.004.076 dn16 buddha
mn145 sn.035.088 thought
mn085 dn14 buddha
mn085 mn026 buddha, path
mn085 mn100 buddha
an.008.013 an.008.014 imagery
sn.007.011 snp.1.04 canonical-poetry
ma081 dn22 vipassana


In addition to the sutta parallels above, suttas should be deduped against the anthologies that contain them (e.g. if a sutta is in an assigned anthology, it shouldn’t also be assigned to that course separately as well). So far, suttas have been added and deduped from:

  • Ajahn Geoff’s The Buddha Smiles
  • Ajahn Geoff’s Recognizing the Dhamma
  • Hecker’s Similes of the Buddha

Anthologies yet to be processed:

  • The Island (if any sutta quotes are lengthy enough)
  • Nyanamoli’s Life of the Buddha
  • Sarah Shaw’s Buddhist Meditation
  • along with Jason Espada’s anthology
  • Bhikkhu Bodhi’s selections in the Sutta tag
  • Common Buddhist Text
  • Chula’s Path (just archive it?)
  • The many wheel publications containing whole sutta translations