Today I’m happy to announce the publication of not one, but four new courses on the fundamentals of Buddhism:

Buddhism 101 An introduction suitable for everyone, especially beginners and people completely new to Buddhism.
The Early Buddhist Texts An introduction to the Buddhist Canon suitable for everyone. This courses is based on Bhikkhu Bodhi’s popular anthology, In The Buddha’s Words.
The Form(s) of Buddhism An introduction to the history and religious aspects of Buddhism, including analysis of the Sangha and what it takes to call yourself a Buddhist.
The Function of Buddhism An introduction to the Buddhist practice, placing the meditative and ethical trainings in their broader developmental context.

I’ve been working on them for a long time and I’m happy to finally be able to share them. I’m especially proud of the Form and Function courses and recommend them both to novices and experts alike. I know I learned a lot while making them!

As always, you can find the courses on Google Drive or right here.

Happy Studying!
Than Khemarato