This months readings are back to basics. There are two new topical reading lists on Monastic Buddhism and Buddhist Ethics and I’ve added a number of suttas to the library.

There’s a lot of good stuff there to check out, but here are a few especially nice flowers just for you:

Subha Bhikkhuni finds a creative solution to sexual harassment.

Venerable Shariputra explains five ways to quell anger through wise attention, giving five memorable similes on being determined to find the good in everyone.

A fascinating series of open letters between Ajahn Geoff and Bhikkhu Bodhi on the subject of “just war.”

Mendicants, these seven perceptions, when developed and cultivated, are very fruitful and beneficial. They culminate in the deathless and end with the deathless. What seven? The perceptions of ugliness, death, repulsiveness of food, dissatisfaction with the whole world, impermanence, suffering in impermanence, and not-self in suffering.

… someone is a sequence of choices, and the question is: Will my next choice be conscious, and will my ability to make it be unfettered?

I hope you enjoy the bouquet!

Yours etc,
The Librarian