This short month saw two major additions to The University: an advanced course on Nibbāna (following up on our previous course) and a new bibliography of Vinaya Studies (following up on our previous bibliographies on monasticism and the canon).

Somewhat complicating “The Canon,” Anne Blackburn, for example, encourages us to think about its “practical” subset and Ajahn Geoff highlights a few conflicts between The Canon and its commentaries in his extensive, and highly recommended, guide to the Vinaya. The bibliography here aims to help (primarily monastics) make use of the texts.

On the meditation side, in addition to the profound lectures by Bhikkhu Analayo in the aforementioned course, I am also very excited this month to share with you this classic talk on impermanence by Ayya Khema which beautifully summarizes the path of Vipassana Meditation. A real gem, be sure to give it a listen and check out our library’s other great talks!

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to email them in! And until next time,

Best wishes,
Khemarato Bhikkhu
The Librarian