This December I’m happy to announce that a new page on the Pāli Language has been added to our library.

There you’ll find books and papers about Pāli along with a suite of helpful tools, including a selection of Pāli Dictionaries containing, among all the classics, an exciting new grammar app just published this year: The Digital Pāḷi Dictionary. If you’re a student of Pāli struggling with declension charts, I recommend checking it out!

This month I’ve also continued to make small technical improvements across the site and add many new items to the library, such as this course on the history of Eastern Europe and this essay by Bhante Sujato on the karma of “just” war—both written in response to Russia’s (ongoing) invasion of Ukraine this year.

In fact, we’ve added so much this year that our library now has over 2000 items! A big thank-you to all the publishers and authors who’ve made this milestone possible through their generous offerings.

If you’d like to stay informed about all our new arrivals, subscribe to one of our RSS feeds or follow OBU on Mastodon where we’ll be “tooting” updates now that we’ve moved off of Twitter.

As the old year draws to a close, I hope that the coming year will be a good year for everyone.

And thank you, as always, for all the kindness and support in 2022.

Wishing You a Most Happy 2023
Khemarato Bhikkhu
Chief Librarian @ The Open Buddhist University