The concept of the Paccekabuddha presented the opportunity to include pre-Buddhist recluses and seers in Buddhism and in doing so it continued these pre-Buddhist traditions. In this respect it becomes clear why Paccekabuddhas are referred to in the scriptures with all other terms that could be used to denote ascetics: muni, isi, samaṇa, tāpasa, jaṭila, terms which emphasise different aspects of asceticism

An in-depth study of the Paccekabuddha as described in Pali Canonical and Commentarial Literature. This includes pre-Buddhist ideas of sages, i.e. munis, and the importance given to renunciation and solitude in the suttas. Also, this work looks at a Paccekabuddha’s way of life and meditation practices, leading to nibbāna. As the Buddha tells us, “no one but me equals a paccekabuddha” (Isigili Sutta).