Founded in 1958 in Kandy by A.S. Karunaratna, Richard Abeyasekera, and Ven. Nyanaponika Thera, the BPS became one of the premier publishers of English-language, Theravada Buddhist material during the 60s through the 80s and 90s during the massive growth in interest from the anglophone world. Today, most of their publications are available free of charge.

Featured Series

Featured Publications:

A classic translation of the primary book of poetry from the Pāli Canon.

A classic translation of this (DN 16) important and immersive tale from the Pāli Canon.

If you sincerely desire to develop contemplation and attain insight in your present life, you must give up worldly thoughts and actions during training…

A classic biography of the Buddha collecting details scattered around the Pāli Canon to form a compelling narrative, The Life of the Buddha presents the historical record in quirky translation, relatively undiluted by the later hagiographies.

Is it possible, venerable sir, to point out any fruit of recluseship that is visible here and now?

The surprising history of the Diamond Seat—and the drama surrounding it—in the centuries after the Buddha first sat there.