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The Higher Training

Module 9 of An Introduction to Buddhist Practice

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Chapter 7 from Buddhist Life, Buddhist Path – Bhikkhu Cintita (.pdf)

  • Scientists discover that people would rather electrocute themselves than be alone with their thoughts.
  • A neuroscientist talks about the subjective benefits of meditation and how they correlate with changes in the brain.
  • Venerable Nandaka teaches about the true purpose of the spiritual path and how one can navigate between various paths to find the true one.
  • The Buddha explains that the Path inclines one towards Nibbāna.
MN 24 Rathavinīta Sutta: Prepared Chariots (.pdf)

Venerable Puṇṇa Mantāṇiputta teaches Venerable Sāriputta about the Buddha’s path of purification, explaining that the purification of ethics and mind are not the goal, but are rather stages of the path to it.

  • Bhikkhu Analayo summarizes and discusses this sutta in this short article.