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Foundational Wisdom

Module 10 of An Introduction to Buddhist Practice

Photo by Joi Ito, CC BY 2.0


Chapter 8 from Buddhist Life, Buddhist Path – Bhikkhu Cintita (.pdf)

  • Ajahn Brahm reassures us that Buddhism is scientific and rational, containing things that we can discover and prove in ourselves.
  • The Buddha explains what fuel keeps ignorance going, and fuels the path out.
  • Liberation is for one who knows and sees the origin and passing away of the aggregates, and it happens as the natural result of cultivating the Noble Eightfold Path.
  • Interestingly, right intention is not the desire to attain liberation, and the desire for liberation doesn’t lead to liberation. Rather, cultivating renunciation, goodwill and harmlessness, and developing the mind accordingly, is the motivation that leads to nibbāna.
  • While it’s impossible to know “today I’ve made this much progress” it is possible over larger time spans to reflect and see how our practice has changed our character.
  • A short series of talks and Q-and-As on Buddhist wisdom by a modern Tibetan master.