Born in North London in 1932, Jack (as he was known to his friends) became a Buddhist at the age of 18 and soon began studying Pāli. Jack was associated with the BPS since early on (the 1960s) and would continue to write essays and translations for The Society until his death in 1998.

~ adapted from the obituary in the BPS Newsletter

Selected Works (in chronological order)

The world is led by craving,
By craving it is defiled,
And craving is that one thing
Controlled by which all follow.

By the ariya, the cessation of sakkaya is seen as happiness. This is the reverse of the outlook of the entire world!

Translations by John D. Ireland:

Epithets of the Buddha (1991)

Featured in the course, " The Buddha"

All his doubts then vanish since he understands
Each thing along with its cause.

This not being, that is not;
from the cessation of this, that ceases.

Oh, what bliss! Oh, what bliss!

Then the Venerable Mahamoggllana took that person by the arm, pulled him outside the gate, and bolted it.