This month we celebrate the end of this year’s rains retreat with five (!) new bibliographies on the Saṅgha, the history of Buddhism and three new subtopics under “Meditation”:

Right Effort [link]:

A collection of talks and suttas to help inspire you when you’re facing difficulties and challenges in your practice, such as this classic talk by Ajahn Chah delivered to a man on his deathbed.

Right Mindfulness [link]:

A collection of suttas and writings on what sati really is and how “remembering” the dhamma leads to success in meditation, such as this classic book on meditation by Ajahn Mahabua.

and Right Concentration [link]:

A collection on what samadhi is and can be, including, for example, this fascinating pair of essays on what absorption may say about “normal” psychology.

And lastly, in case those aren’t enough to inspire your practice, here is a reminder of what is coming in the future

May we all work out our salvation with dilligence!
Khemarato Bhikkhu
Chief Librarian @ OBU