Introducing subtopics to Buddhist Philosophy and the Human World.

Dear fellow students,

With September fast upon us it is already “Back to School Season” and here at OBU we’re celebrating the start of the school year with five (!) new bibliographies on Buddhist Philosophy and our shared, human world.

Right View

Right View is the perspective conducive to liberation which is the cornerstone of Buddhist Philosophy. Nāgārjuna is largely considered Buddhism’s greatest philosopher so I’m excited to share with you this accessible selection of verses from his main treatise as an entry point to his profound wisdom.

Right Thought

Right Thought is the quality of discernment which amplifies the good within us while wearing away the unwholesome. This talk by Ajahn Jayasaro is an excellent introduction to the role of “skillful desires” in “getting somewhere” with our practice.

The Human World

In building out OBU’s worldly collections, I’ve decided to divide up the immense subject into three basic categories:

This split was based largely on the Buddha’s division of Karma into the spheres of the Mind, Speech, and Body, but my thinking here was also partly inspired by Ken Wilber’s “Integral” metatheory.

It is my hope that these new offerings will help you hear the sound of love as you navigate the world of men.

Until we meet again: besaydoo!
~ Khemarato Bhikkhu
Librarian @ the Open Buddhist University