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even consciousness is shared, to a large degree, with a lot of other creatures, so death stops seeming like the enemy and starts seeming like one of the most ingenious kinds of design for keeping evolution circulating and keeping the experiment running and recombining. And to go from the terror [of death] into that sense that the experiment is sacred, not this one outcome of the experiment, is to immediately transform the way that you think even about very fundamental social, economic, and cultural things.

I am not lazy nor conceited,
so why have I not attained Nirvana?

Although Ru and Dao are disparate gateways,
Clouds and grove are rather a shared mode.

true crime can never be my guilty pleasure because it’s a part of my history.

A blur in the periphery,
like the mind if the mind
were airborne, a buzz…

Swaddled and sleeved in water,
I dive to the rocky bottom and rise

A short sutta from the Pāli Canon delivered to your inbox daily.

Each year, Ma collects more and more superstitions

in order to understand the truth of any situation, you have to start from the position that every person is equally valuable, and that what they have to say must be heard. And whether that is in a clique where somebody is being shunned and blamed for everything, or whether that’s an entire class of people whose experiences are not taken into account, it’s the same formula from the bottom to the top: let everyone speak and let everyone be heard.

Khunu Lama (1895–1977) was a master scholar and strict renunciant who was also a teacher to many of the twentieth century’s most famous masters, including His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In this interview about his life, Annabelle Pitkin reflects on the tension between solitude and connection in the lives of Tibetan, Buddhist monastics.

To contend seriously with the problem, you first have to let it in. And when I say “let it in” I mean “drag it towards you, press it down and sit with it.” Sit with it past the point of discomfort and pain and dispair until you can observe it without blinking, until its weight is just another thing about about you. In a way, “letting in” is too passive. What I’m talking about is fitting a hyperobject into your heart without it breaking.

We have brains in order to get along with each other […] Trauma destroys the capacity to imagine

you have this young brain that has a lot of what neuroscientists call “plasticity”. It can change really easily, essentially. But it’s not very good at putting on its jacket and getting to preschool

Ānanda’s tears and the Buddha’s expression of gratitude and thanks are testament to the close bond between the two men, one that went beyond their kin relationship.

Anthropological methods and insights can be transformative, making possible the kinds of empathy and dialogue necessary to solve our global problems. The goal of this textbook is to guide you in this process of transformation as you learn about the cultural lives of the various peoples with whom you share this planet.

the case of “youth Buddhism” in Ladakh highlights how youth play a vital role in the revitalization and reformation of [modern] Buddhism.

when thereʼs fuel, fire will keep burning until thereʼs nothing left

One of the toughest interviews I’ve ever had.

some see in viññāṇa anidassana a kind of consciousness essentially equal to nibbāna. But there are many problems with this

I shall keep reciting the Way to the Beyond

If the fragmenting forces of late modernity have shattered the illusion of a fixed self, anātman provides a way of rethinking subjectivity in its absence.

“It would not be appropriate for me to give the Buddha a powerful laxative.”

the majority of its residents have to extract groundwater to survive. And it’s causing the city to sink.

slender citrine lip onto which I place, gently, this first handful of hair

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