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To have rejected strategy; to sit, instead, with one’s bafflement

All these problems with information have always been a problem for human beings. Then you get the internet, which is the informational equivalent of giant cities and now it’s an existential crisis. So we’ll have to develop the generational equivalent of both sanitation at the platform level and best practices as individuals—the “washing your hands” of misinformation. Both things will have to happen

Chatbots fool us more often than we think… especially when they replicate our very worst habits.

Woke feeling nauseous—my wife’s soft breathing
beside me. Outside the immense Sierra dark and silence,
a sky still glittering with a strew of stars

The story of how an environmental NGO became complicit in illegal logging in Cambodia.

A cross-platform application for looking up Pāli terms with unparalleled support for declensions, conjugations, and compound words including full declension charts, examples from the Pāli Canon, a grammar helper, and more.

The relationship between Cambodians and Angkor still persists as a place of ancestors, worship, and religious rituals. We believe that Angkor is the most sacred place in Cambodia.

These prices are fake. And in being fake, they are warping our whole system: our relationship to the environment, to animals, and to ourselves.

To defend the innocent is a bright deed. To kill is a dark deed. To kill in defense of the innocent is a deed both bright and dark

A word for the centrality of medicine in the spread and practice of Buddhism.

How Abel-Rémusat’s “poaching” of Asian scholarship facilitated the creation of Western “Buddhist Studies” as a discipline and how his Relation des Royaumes Bouddhiques was in turn coopted by Himalayan Buddhists fighting in the collapse of the Qing says a lot about the production of academic knowledge.

The 500-year history of world maps in Buddhist Japan and what these maps tell us about the Japanese, Buddhist identity.

I would frequently see adults recount something a child had said that was particularly provocative or deep by describing it as “adorable.” “How cute they are.” Even well-meaning adults just kind of dismiss children’s larger questions and ideas.

An explanation of the fundamental asymmetry between matrilineal and patrilineal societies which gave rise to the patriarchy along with an examination of the forces pushing back against it.

fundraising is a form of Dharma practice, gathering with peers is a way to raise money, and Buddhism is practiced as a form of group solidarity and support. These tight weaves have enabled temples to thrive in racially and religiously hostile lands

In that structure of feeling well, we had started taking acid…

Phil kept all this to himself, though there was another person who noticed there was something different about the new guy…

I am writing to you
from deep in the bad days,
hoping you will hear me
wherever you are

I wanted to take it home, but in order to do so I’d have to carry the globe.

A short sutta from the Pāli Canon delivered to your inbox daily.

Khunu Lama (1895–1977) was a master scholar and strict renunciant who was also a teacher to many of the twentieth century’s most famous masters, including His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In this interview about his life, Annabelle Pitkin reflects on the tension between solitude and connection in the lives of Tibetan, Buddhist monastics.

Ānanda’s tears and the Buddha’s expression of gratitude and thanks are testament to the close bond between the two men, one that went beyond their kin relationship.

in this state of not knowing, curiosity and engagement with the world arises. And that engagement, that curiosity is intimate and very, very alive.

Anthropological methods and insights can be transformative, making possible the kinds of empathy and dialogue necessary to solve our global problems. The goal of this textbook is to guide you in this process of transformation as you learn about the cultural lives of the various peoples with whom you share this planet.

A mysterious letter shocked Britain in 2014, alleging an Islamist plot to take over one city’s general schools. But who wrote it?

when thereʼs fuel, fire will keep burning until thereʼs nothing left

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